Elżbieta Kowalska

Designer, programmer, media commentator; graduated from Graphic Design and Visual Communication (UAP Poznań) and Interactive Media and Performance (UAM Poznań); interested in graphic design, web design, visual culture in Poland and around the world, realizing projects based on creative coding. Her MA thesis was: Future cities: human experience in the space of new technologies. She is making tech-creative projects and develops her science interests in HAT Center.

Contact: kowalska.el@gmail.com

Fields of research:

  • software studies & interactive art
  • web activism, web culture, new culture of sharing
  • city design, intelligent cities
  • ambient intelligence



– Still in the making (2017) interactive installation considering human influence on the planet. Audio-visual microcosmos reacts on movement and decisions of users. It requires engagement and considered gestures, relying on the intuitive searching of balance. Combining science & fun together.