Elżbieta Kowalska

Elżbieta is a media theorist, designer and artist with background in visual communication and interaction design. She has finished BA at the Art University in Poznań, then MA in Interactive Media and Performance at Institute of Theater and New Media at Adam Mickiewicz University. Elżbieta have several years of experience in visual art projects, contests and strategies for institutional and commercial use, using various traditional and digital techniques. Furthermore, she explore creative coding and physical computing implemented into art installations and web-based projects.

Elżbieta’s previous practical and theoretical experience brought her closer to currently developed research. Her dissertation is considering new perceptions and imaginations of space, produced by visual representations of territories captured by spatially referenced data, remote technologies and digital archives, all brought into play in Geographic Information Systems. The embodied and cognitive maps, radical cartography and new media poetics in contemporary art and science influences her writing and projects.