Karolina Karpowicz

Karolina Karpowicz (1991), creative producer of artistic activities, curator, researcher. She holds a BA in Art History (AMU) and a MA in Interactive Media and Performance (AMU). Her thesis defense of master’s dissertation entitled Post-media overload. Camp aesthetics in Post-Internet Art took place in 2016. Her research interests focus on the role of experimental exhibition practices in the shaping of relations between art and science, and the functions of art historical research for trans- and interdisciplinarity. During her studies, she curated and coordinated student projects and exhibitions (i.a. Imaginary Factor, 2015), and also launched her own “humanities in practice” projects. Currently, she is working as a creative producer for artists. Founder of Kohabitat w / Kołorking Muzyczny, an initiative aimed at implementing independent experimental artistic activities.

Contact: karo.karp@gmail.com


Fields of research:

  • art&science exhibiton practice
  • Post-media art, particurarly Post-Internet art
  • Post-humanism in art
  • Camp aesthetics


Publications and conferences:

Virtuality suspended in materiality. Performance of boychild and mentality of death in hybridized reality of Post-Internet art (in Polish), [in:] The time of killers. Consumption of death in the media culture. In print 

Camp in Polish (in Polish), speech at the student conference “Art and Crisis”, Faculty of History AMU, Poznań 2014.