Przemysław Jasielski

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Przemysław Jasielski, Master of Fine Arts, artist based in Poznan, Poland combining art with science and technology. He creates installations, objects, drawings and photographs.

In the creative process he approaches work with the attitude of an engineer, adapting the precise planning and scientific research, with the main focus on the conceptual content.

Many of these works explore rituals of the everyday reality taking up a specific game with the imagination and wisdom of a viewer, with his/her habits shaped by daily routine of the contemporary world and his/her own presence in it. Most of them are both in close relation to the space and interactive – the spectator is allowed to play with them or even to change their shape. His works confront the actual present reality with its transformation to allow the viewer to observe it in a new, fresh way. They often try to take actions commonly seen as impossible, useless or ineffective. Also, they usually contain a specific, critical sense of humour.

Jasielski took part in several exhibitions all over the world – among others, one man shows such as Paper Bridge Over Stone Water at Tokyo Wonder Site (Tokyo, Japan, 2012), Analog Immigration at CSU Galleries (Cleveland OH, USA, 2013), and group shows – Apparat. Retrogression Through Technological Progress at The Sculpture Center (Cleveland OH, USA, 2016), L’arte differente: MOCAK al MAXXI at MAXXI (Rome, Italy, 2016), Not To Be Seen. The Nemesis of the Technological Progress at WRO Art Center (Wroclaw, Poland, 2017), and Draft Systems at WRO Media Art Biennale (Wroclaw, Poland, 2017).



Sculpture at Academy Of Fine Arts in Poznań 1989-1994

Master degree/diploma 1994 sculpture in prof. Jan Berdyszak studio and drawing in prof. Jarosław Kozłowski studio

Most important scholarships and awards:

1995 – President of Poznań Prize for a young artist

2004 – CEC ArtsLink Fellowship

2013 – Grant from Polish Minister Of Culture and Heritage

2013 – Visiting Polish Scholar, Cleveland State University, Cleveland Ohio


2003 – The Gallery, International Artist in Residency Center, Guernsey, Great Britain

2004 – Lucas Artists Residency in Montalvo, California, USA

2010 – Gyeonggi Creation Center, South Korea

2012 – Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo, Japan

2013 – Creative Fusion Residency, Sculpture Center, Cleveland Ohio, USA

Selected solo exhibitions:

1994 – To hear the sound of an angel wings and to measure it (Academy of Fine Arts, Poznań)

1997 – Sounds of my room – installation (Potocka Gallery, Cracow)

1998 – To see the sound of an angel wings (Laboratory Gallery, Warsaw)

1999 – To see the sound of an angel wings – Hollywood version (Potocka Gallery, Cracow)

2003 – Earth Rotation Speed Control Unit (OPTICA Centre for Contemporary Art, Montreal, Canada)

2003 – To see the sound of an angel wings – anatomical version (The Gallery, International Artist in Residency Centre, Guernsey, Great Britain)

2004 – Earthquake Control Unit (Lucas Artists Residency in Montalvo, California, USA)

2006 – Hi-Fi (Oko/Ucho Gallery, Poznań)

2006 – White Noise (AT Gallery, Poznań)

2008 – Ukukula (Munandi Art Center, Lusaka, Zambia)

2009 – Drawings Of Something Completely Else (Le Guern Gallery, Warsaw)

2010 – Global Warming Control Unit (Gyeonggi Creation Center, Seongamdo, South Korea)

2011 – Opportunity (Skolska28 Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic)

2012 – Paper Bridge Over Stone Water (Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo, Japan)

2013 – Analog Immigration (CSU Galleries Cleveland Ohio, USA)

2014 – Leviathan (Le Guern Gallery, Warsaw)

Selected group shows:

1992 – Project Istropolitana (Bratislava, Slovakya)

1993 – Ideas without ideology (CSW Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw)

1996 – Generation 96 (BWA Gallery, Katowice)

1998 – Partie 6 (Drewen, Germany)

2000 – New Media Art from Poland (Oldenburg, Germany)

2004 – Nature of/and art (Bunkier Sztuki, Cracow)

2007 – At last, Something new! Collections of Modern art from Malopolska (National Museum, Cracow)

2008 – 8784h Project (X-RAY Gallery, Luboń)

2011 – Not In Place (CSW Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw)

2012 – Drawings Of Something Completely Else (BWA Zielona Góra)

2013 – Black Suns (Wschodnia Gallery, Łódź)

2013 – Transnature Is Here (Malta Festival, Poznań)

2013 – homeMade (CSW Łaźnia, Gdańsk)

2014 – Post-Technological Experiences. Art-Science-Technology (Zamek Culture Centre, Poznań)

2014 – Machined Senses (The Sculpture Center, Cleveland Ohio, USA)

2015 – Nonsense Technologies, Przemysław Jasielski & Rainer Prohaska (MONA Inner Spaces, Poznań)

2016 – Apparat. Retrogression through technological process, Przemysław Jasielski & Rainer Prohaska (The Sculpture Center Cleveland Ohio, USA)

2016 –„L’arte differente: MOCAK al MAXXI” MAXXI – (Roma, Italy)

2017 – Not To Be Seen, Przemysław Jasielski & Rainer Prohaska (WRO Art Center, Wroclaw)

2017 – Draft Systems (WRO 2017 Biennale, Wroclaw)