interactive media sculpture

AURALROOTS combines inspiration from tactile and aural sensory perception. It consists of two hanging sculptures with related sounds and graphics on a touchscreen, which were inspired by learning about the Stereocilia: tiny hairs on the auditory cells of the inner ear.

Exhibition open from 24th of Oct. till 16th Nov. 2014, 11.00 am – 7 pm  at Culture Centre ZAMEK, Poznan, PL (room: SALA PROB, 3rd floor). Mondays – closed.


In AURALROOTS, scale is used as a metaphor, inviting the viewer to act in a similar way to the effect of movement on these cells. When the outer hairs are touched, then the volume of the sound is affected, and when the inner hairs are moved, the harmonics and timbre can be mixed in real-time. The screen can be used to select different compositions based on low, medium and high pitch ranges.

Hearing is the first sense to develop in an embryo, as the Stereocilia are fully developed by the 10-week stage. Here low range sounds from scientific recordings inside the womb can be mixed with filtered sounds from outside the body. In the mid range, her next composition is about how information was once passed through aural, rather than written methods. Here stories and about the collection and use of roots are read by indigenous Australians can be combined with landscape sounds. In the upper pitch range, human hearing has many limits depending on age and sensory impairments and here scientific tests about hearing impairments can be mixed with lab sounds.