neuronal instrument / Rafal Zapala

In SENSORIUM you control music with your mind. The installation is interdisciplinary. The spirit of holistic, integral perception of human emotions, intellect and physiology pervades the work. It combines, in equivalent proportions, the artistic, scientific, technological and psychological aspects. The session in the austere and fascinating space of Culture Center Zamek’s clock tower is attended individually in the keeping of a silent assistant. The author, Rafał Zapała filled the tower with speakers and specially composed sounds. The composition has an open form, it develops in different directions in correlation with the state of mind of the participant.

SENSORIUM is created under the “Residents in residence” programme of Culture Centre Zamek. The research process will last until the end of 2014. Each element is experimental, each one can undergo evolution and change. The technological “heart” of the installation was created at CCRMA Institute at Stanford University.

Visiting the installation requires prior registration on project’s website: